Three Washington Nationals Players and their wives spent their morning on Thursday, May 6 at the Capital Area Food Bank in DC to help those less fortunate. "It's always good to give back [to the community] and show that the Washington Nationals care" said Willie Harris.

Alberto and Elaine Gonzalez, Willie and Trey Harris, Wil and Yormarie Nieves, along with a few Nationals employees and other volunteers, packed meals 640 children in the Capital Area Food Bank’s Weekend Bag program.  These particular meals contained canned peaches, tuna, canned corn, peanut butter, cereal bars and pasta.  We were told that the 640 meals set a record for that amount of time! Good job guys.

Players and wives standing proudly by the 128 boxes (640 bags)

Wil and Yormarie Nieves participated in a similar event last year and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to come back. Wil also recruited his teammate Alberto Gonzalez and his wife to help them and Willie Harris felt left out and wanted to help too. The three are good friends and all give back to the community in many ways.

Nats Players: Alberto Gonzalez, Wil Nieves and Willie Harris

The Capital Area Food Bank’s Weekend Bag program provides weekly bags of food to 900 children who do not have access to school meals. Children who receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch throughout the week at school can take home these nutritious, kid-friendly food bags for the weekend. The bags are packed by volunteers and delivered by Capital Area Food Bank trucks to be distributed each week from community-based sites for the children to carry home. For more information please email

Busily bagging meals for children

Impressive assembly line

Assembly line started with the bags

Wil and Yormarie packed the peaches and tuna

Alberto and Elaine Gonzalez packed the corn and peanut butter

Willie and Trey Harris bagged the cereal bars and pasta

Willie Harris was all business.  He didn't even look up for most of the 1 hour and 15 minutes that they packed the meals. Harris is competitve and was racing the other guys so while Nieves was waiting on bags to continue packing, Harris would holler at the end of the table at Nieves to "Hurry up Wil!" It was pretty entertaining.

Nats players and wives with Weekend Bag Team

Nats Front Office Volunteered as well.
Lisa Pagano and Nadia Wajid

Founded in 1980 on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, The Capital Area Food Bank is the largest, nonprofit hunger and nutrition education resource in the Washington Metropolitan area. In their thirty year history, they have made tremendous strides to expand their services and annually distribute 23 million pounds of food to more than 383,000 people through an invaluable network of partner agencies. They are committed to uplifting those in need, providing the best services possible and helping those who are without the means to help themselves.

Bins at Capital Area Food Bank

Bins at Capital Area Food Bank

First Ladies: Yormarie Nieves, Trey Harris and Elaine Gonzalez

Each player told me that they had a great time while helping and and emphasized the importance of community service.  Volunteering is such a rewarding experience.  If you'd like to volunteer your time, please click here for more information.

Players with Capital Area Food Bank Employees

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The Nationals Annual Food Drive is scheduled for May 22 and May 23 at Nationals Park when the Baltimore Orioles come to town for the “Battle of the Beltways.” Fans may donate non-perishable food items at the Center Field Gates from the time gates open through the 4th inning.


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