Former Nats Return as Brewers

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There will be a few familiar faces at Nationals Park this weekend when the Milwaukee Brewers are in town…

Outfielder Nyjer Morgan was traded to the Brewers at the end of spring training and has been pretty talkative with the media about his feelings about the Nats and their fans. He was not in the starting lineup on Friday night, however, will most likely be in RF at some point during doubleheader on Sunday.

Nyjer's tantrum on 5/22/2010

RHP Marco Estrada will be starting the second game of the doubleheader on Sunday. 

His last, and only, start for the Washington Nationals was on September 12, 2009. Estrada also pitched in relief for the Nats in 2008 (11 games) and in 2009 (3 games) and has been with Brewers since 2010. 

RHP Marco Estrada in 2009

Catcher Wil Nieves is known to the Nats fans as, "The nicest guy in baseball." His smile and positive attitude is greatly missed at Nats Park. Not to mention his now infamous walk-up batting music -- "No Soy No" by Tony Vega. Click here to see my old video of Charlie and Dave dancing in the booth back on 9/23/2008. 

Nieves started at catcher on Friday night and hit a double and scored one of the Brewers three runs.

Wil Nieves in 2010