Nats News Network was at the exciting and long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony this morning for the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation Youth Baseball Academy.

Washington Nationals Shortstop Ian Desmond spoke at the end of the ceremony and his excitement and dedication to the project is evident through his pre-prepared eloquent words. We followed up with him after the ceremony as well. "This really touches home for me. This is something I wish that in my town, my community we had something like this. There are other kids there that fell short of their goals that I grew up with. If they had a program like this they would have been up here with me." 

After the Phillies v. Nats game tonight, there will be more quotes and lots of photos , but before I head off to sweat in this record DC heat for third game in a row, here is a sneak peek.

Marla Lerner Tanenbaum Welcomes Everyone

The great Frank Robinson was introduced and flew in special for this event.

Washington DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray

Washington Nationals Shortstop Ian Desmond

The Washington Nationals Field Manager Jim Riggleman and 
entire coaching staff, along with players Hairston, LaRoche, Storen,
Desmond and Espinosa and GM Mike Rizzo, Frank Robinson, Mayor Gray, 
Marla Lerner Tanenbaum, Screech and kids from Kimball Elementary School

The "breaking ground" ceremony

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