Photos: First Anniversary of Strasmas

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June 8, 2010 was an absolutely magical day for Stephen Strasburg, the Washington Nationals, Major League Baseball, the District of Columbia and baseball fans all over the world.

The MLB Debut of RHP Phenom Stephen Strasburg not only lived up the hype, but even surpassed it.

Bob Costas, who called the game for MLB Network, ranked Strasburg's debut in his personal top 10 among the live sporting events he's covered. "I've been lucky enough to do a lot of stuff: NBA Finals, Super Bowls, World Series," Costas continued. "I think it's in the top 10. Now bear in mind that I love baseball, it's my favorite sport, and that adds an extra edge. But I'd definitely put this in my personal top 10."

Looking forward to the return of Stephen Strasburg in 2012 (or possibly September 2011).

Nats News Network recap of game.

Frank Robinson didn't want to miss the big day either.