Congratulations to Drew Storen! According to Nats Journal, Storen was chosen by his teammates to be the Washington Nationals representative to the Major League Baseball Players Association.

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The Major League Baseball Players Association ("MLBPA") became a labor union in 1966 and is the collective bargaining representative for all current Major League Baseball players. The Association also assists players with grievances and salary arbitration. The Association works closely with MLB in ensuring that the playing conditions for all games involving Major League players, whether the games are played in MLB stadiums or elsewhere, including internationally, meet proper safety guidelines. The Association also serves as the group licensing agent on behalf of the players.

The Members on each Major League club elect, by secret ballot, a Club Player Representative and an Alternate Player Representative. Each Club Representative serves on the Executive Board and he is responsible for meeting regularly with the players on his Club and represents them in the resolution of problems at the Club level.

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