2011 NatsFest in Photos (Part Two)

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Session #3: Bob Boone, Todd Coffey and Cole Kimbell with
MASN's Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo

MASN's F.P. Santangelo

Cole Kimbell

Bob Boone

MASN's Bob Carpenter enjoying a Bob Boone story

Fans intently listening

Fans asking questions

Cole Kimbell
(Anyone else think he looks a little like Scott Olsen?)

Todd Coffey

Fan winner of Guitar Hero challenged Bryce Harper
(I was in Q&A session so snapped photo of monitor)

Phil Wood has an amazing collection.

Ken Singleton's Expos Jersey

Bryce Harper jersey autographed on day he signed with Nationals

Stephen Strasburg's Pitching Mound from 6/8/2010 MLB Debut

Randy Johnson's 300th Win First Base

Thomas Jefferson with young fan

Fun Feud game

Free Caricatures

Young fan shaking Jerry Hairston Jr.'s hand

MASN photos with Debbie Taylor and Jerry Hairston Jr.

Brian Broderick stepped on field to determine if it was still raining

Fans reviewing schedule and map for NatsFest

Top of opposing dugout was re-painted

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