VIDEO: Nyjer Morgan's Hockey Days

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Just a quick post to add to the "Nyjer Morgan got traded to the Brewers" posts.

Most Nats fans have heard that Nyjer Morgan, now 30 years old, used to play hockey when he was younger, however, probably haven't seen this video of a 19 year old Morgan playing in the WHL.  This is a great find and hat tip to @AltaKocker for video link.

Morgan left home at age 16 to play junior hockey for four years and reached the Western Hockey League (WHL) level.  He played seven games as a forward for the Regina Pats in 1999-2000 and scored two goals, both in his first game.

Nyjer Morgan spoke with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro on "The Sports Fix" last January during the 2010 Nats Caravan and they start off talking about hockey.  Nyjer is a big hockey fan and became hooked on hockey while he watched the Winter Olympics in Calgary on TV.  Morgan remains loyal to his San Jose Sharks, but the Caps are second.  You can listen to the nine minute interview here. Nyjer Morgan on The Sports Fix

It is easy to see why Morgan became an instant fan favorite after being traded to Washington from Pittsburgh in June 2009.  Morgan's smile and enthusiasm are contagious.  Things changed since then and now it is time to move past the Tony Plush era.