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"Pups in the Park" returned again to Nationals Park on Saturday, May 14, 2011. This is a unique opportunity for Nats fans to bring their canine companions to the ballpark and enjoy a baseball game together. 

The event was sponsored by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods and featured special guest Tillman, “The World’s Fastest Skateboarding Dog.” Tillman delivered the lineup card and served as the Grand Marshall of the Pup Parade on the field before the game.

The doggies had much more room this year in the outfield reserved location with larger seating area.  I spent close to two innings visiting with pups and their owners and had a great time. The dogs were enjoying all of the benefits of a baseball game: hot dogs, lots of friends to "talk" with and good seats. Many were decked out in Nats gear (and a handful in Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox gear). You can tell from the pictures below that they had a good  time.

It was interesting to learn that it was the first time for both pups and owners to visit Nationals Park and event was the reason they decided to give it a try. One couple mentioned that they regularly attend Nats games, however, found out about the event from a neighbor. I also met several that had been to all of the Pups in the Park events over the last few seasons and had already purchased tickets for the other two this season. 

There will be two more Pups in the Park days on July 9 (night game) and September 24 (day game).  Dog owners can purchase tickets for $20 while dog tickets cost $5, with proceeds from the dog tickets benefitting the Washington Humane Society. Buy tickets soon. There are limited seats and the May event sold out quickly. For more information, visit or contact Katherine Mitchell at 202.640.7649.


TILLMAN, THE SKATEBOARDING DOG (Delivered the lineup card, sans skateboard):
[If you've never seen Tillman skateboard, check out some of his videos. Pretty amazing.]


Much bigger area this year = more dogs

This dog had just enjoyed a hot dog!

Dogs weren't happy that Nats lost either.

Lexie was at her first baseball game ever!

This dog's owners only go to Nats games on Pups in the Park days.

"Frisco" was making her 3rd Pups in the Park appearance

This dog was celebrating his 1st birthday!

This dog was sitting up and watching the game - so cute.

Nice big open area for walking and socializing.

Great seats under the scoreboard

This dog is standing on back legs showing off his custom shirt!

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