Vote for Michael Morse!

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The Deadline is quickly approaching so get voting! Deadline is TODAY, Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. ET.  

Vote Michael Morse in the 2011 All-Star Game Final Man Vote!  VOTE HERE.  Or text N4 to 89269.  ***There is no limit to the number of votes.***

Video Highlights from Michael Morse's All-Star-worthy first half from the 2011 season

In his post-game interview with MASN last night, Michael Morse asked the fans to vote for him. "And before the fans leave, let’s all get on your cell phones, N4, let’s get me to the All-Star game, c’mon, let’s go.” 

When Debbie Taylor asked the first baseman what it would mean to him to go to the All-Star game, he gushed, “It would be a dream come true. And why not have two guys from the Nationals represent, you know? Let’s represent Washington out there and show them that we mean business over here.”

Ryan Zimmerman proudly wore a "VOTE MORSE" t-shirt in his post-game MASN interview and encouraged fans to vote for Michael Morse.

Photo by Cheryl Nichols

Vote for the Beltways Boys:
AL: Adam Jones (Orioles-CF)
NL - Michael Morse (Nationals-1B)

Adam and Michael are former Mariners teammates and close friends too!