PNC Diamond Club Remodeled

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The Nationals invited local media to check out all of the enhancements to the ballpark on Wednesday.  Visual evidence is the best way to really show the fans so there will be additional posts about menu changes and other exciting improvements to Nats Park.  I will start with the PNC Diamond Club.

PNC has been a team sponsor since Nationals inaugural season in 2005 and is the "Official Bank of the Washington Nationals."

During the off-season, the PNC Diamond Club got a $2 Million makeover.  The renovations completely transformed the club into a more sophisticated lounge and more worthy of the pricetag.  The changes are apparent before you even step foot in the door.

The New Entrance with Exterior Concourse Pennants featuring Washington Senators Greats and Negro League Legends as well as Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman.  Elite Washington Baseball Company.

Brand new, stone, enlarged lobby with hostess stand
with baseball silhouettes etched glass with lights

New swanky expanded bar featuring glass mosaic tiles
and granite countertops

New beer towers featuring six beers on tap
**The Scoreboard of Game Seven of the 1924 World Series is no longer up.
I was told that they kept it and might put it up in the conference center.

The old baseball cards were kept.

Diamond Club as all new lighting and leather fabric wall panels

Plush, leather lounge chairs with coffee tables

Real brick walls -- buffet tables will be against the walls

Another upgrade are the seventeen 40" Sony HDTV's throughout the club and bar.  The kitchen was expanded to include an in-seat area. 

Levy's Signature Farm to Form Chef's Table will feature dishes made with seasonal, fresh ingredients.  The Diamond Club Chef's Table Buffet costs $25. Some PNC Diamond Club tickets are loaded with $35 in added value and that can be used to defray the cost of the sitdown meal inside the club.

Here is a video presentation shown on the HDTV Scoreboard today narrated by Clint Khoury--Stadium Host and will be shown at the ballpark.

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